Oh oil spills, how I hate you

So, the recent oil spill in San Francisco is sounding eerily familiar. I wonder if this one will take over 18 years to resolve like the Exxon Valdez spill (1989). Maybe the company will step up and take responsibility for what happened unlike the folks at Exxon who are still refusing to pay the punitive damages awarded in the 1994 Baker vs. Exxon case. The really annoying thing is that the company could pay off the damages on interest alone from the $5 billion sum it socked away after the original court ruling, a fall back in case they ran out of appeals and were actually forced to pay one day. The damages have even been cut in half since the original ruling and the fine folks at Exxon still can’t find the decency to step up and pay back the Alaskans whose livelihoods the company’s drunk captain wrecked along with the ship nearly two decades ago.


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The Leopard is out of its cage

My boyfriend just bought a new Mac Book Pro with the Leopard operating system and I needed an audio clip for this assignment, so he became my reluctant interviewee. I got him to talk about Leopard for a minute and a half, but I think he hates me now. Enjoy.

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Best of Craigslist

So, I found a Web site where you can learn about anything from candy duels to exploding toilets. You can also find ads for unwanted coke or marijuana, free lawn furniture, time machines and hot dates. It made me happy.

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A few trick-or-treating photos

And so another spook-tastic Halloween comes to a close.

Here are a few photos of our night. We had a lot of fun passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I was going to take  pictures of the kids all dressed up, but then I decided it might seem kind of creepy. Haha. Oh well.

My roommate, “Tigger”

My roommate Josh dressed as Tigger

Our big ol’ bowl of candy

Our candy bowl

My roommates’ anti-Yankee jack-o-lantern…does it still count as a jack-o-lantern if it doesn’t have a face?

My roommates’ anti-Yankees pumpkin

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Dressing up for Halloween in Fairbanks

I always loved Halloween as a kid, but I despised having to wear a snowsuit and boots underneath my costume. Let me tell you, snowsuits can severely limit your choice in outfits and test your creative abilities. I can remember being a puffy pumpkin, a bulbous witch and a princess that looked suspiciously like the Michelin Man with a crown. The snowsuit issue is not just a drag for the kids either. Parents often have to deal with creating a costume to fit over their kids’ snow clothes since it is unlikely they will find a costume suitable for Alaskan weather at the local Wal*Mart. This falls in to the category of “crazy issues most people don’t have to deal with” along with plugging in our vehicles at -40 degrees, seasonal affective disorder and dealing with rampant misconceptions involving igloos, penguins and polar bears.

A few photos from my childhood:

Here are a few examples of Alaskan creativity at its finest. That’s right, it is the Ninja Turtle and the…50’s sock hop girl? All I know is I wanted that poodle skirt BAD. Mom came through for both of us that year. She is a crafty lady.

The Ninja Turtle and the…50’s sock hop girl?

I love my brother’s face mask in this one…priceless.

Megan in a poodle skirt

Haha…notice my faux-rabbit fur jacket and stylish pink boots and hat.

Brandon the ninja turtle

I’d like to point out the handmade turtle shell, compliments of my mother, and the store bought knee pads, elbow pads and belt, all stretched to the breaking point to accommodate the rather puffy snowsuit.

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A few winter photos

So, I finally got my digital SLR camera. I still don’t know how to use it all that well, but I’ve been playing with it a lot outside. Here are a few pictures I have taken.


Icicles on my roommate’s license plate.


Frost covering my side view mirror.


A little frosty twig (taken by my boyfriend Randall..of course his is better than mine)


This one didn’t have good enough contrast, but the snow crystals on the little plant were very cool.


A flower from my garden. Just kidding, it’s a fake flower in my room. Bright and cheerful though, right?

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Doubling of alchohol tax proposed

The city is considering doubling the tax on alcohol. It just seems cruel. How will people entertain themselves throughout the long, cold winter if they can’t afford to buy booze?

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